Terms of use


1.1. The operator of the www.asental.eu website (hereinafter “Website”) is Asental Services, registered office at Gregorova 2582/3, 702 00 Ostrava - Moravská Ostrava, Czech Republic, which is authorized to exercise title to this Website pursuant to Copyright Act No. 121/2000 Coll., as subsequently amended.

1.2. The operator holds any and all rights arising from the licence, subject to the Copyright Act, to the actual content of the Website, including text and design and all graphic components of this Website, as well as to the selection and method of arrangement of files contained in this Website.

1.3. The rights and duties of the operator and all parties who visit the Website (hereinafter “Users”) shall be subject to these Rules for Website Use (hereinafter “Rule”). The User shall express consent with these Rules by entering any website accessible on this Website and shall use by any means any information located here.

1.4. The publishing of any data or information on this Website, except for these Rules, shall not be deemed as a legal act establishing any legal relationship between the Operator and User, unless expressly agreed otherwise (e.g.: request for mailing a printed catalogue or telephone call).

Method of Use

2.1. During the use of the www.asental.eu Website the User shall be subject to the laws of the Czech Republic, good practices and these terms and conditions, and shall not cause damages the goodwill of the Operator or any other Users.

2.2. The Use shall not:
• intervene in the security, technical essence or content of the Website or otherwise abuse same,
• intervene in the use of this Website by any other users,
• send to this Website any messages containing viruses or any other dangerous or harmful programs,
• create false messages with the purpose of falsifying the sender´s identity or otherwise attempt to infiltrate using the User´s name,
• attempt to gain access to those parts of the Website which are not intended for public use,
• distribute messages or materials on this Website which breach the legal regulations of the Czech Republic.

Operator´s Limited Liability

3.1. The content of this Website is only of an informative and non-binding nature. The Operator shall not be liable for the correctness and completeness of information contained on this Website.
3.2. The Operator shall be entitled to make changes to the information on this Website at any time without prior notice.
3.3. The Operator shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the users in relation to use of this Website.
3.4 The Operator shall not be liable for the content of the websites of third parties which can be visited via this Website or for the content of websites which shall make reference to the Website www.asental.eu.

Access to Website

4.1. The content of the Website is publically accessible; its use is free of charge.

Personal Data Protection

5.1. Certain services provided by the Operator on this Website (e.g.: generation of request for newsletter subscription) may be completely or partially contingent upon provision of certain personal data of the User under Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll.
5.2. The Operator shall dispose of received personal data subject valid legal regulations, and shall use same only in the extent necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the data was acquired, however, at all times in such a way as to prevent damages to the entity providing the data.


6.1. The User acknowledges the above-said information and agrees with them.
6.2. The Operator shall be entitled to amend these conditions at any time.
6.3. These “Rules for Website Use” shall be valid from January 1, 2016